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6 Make-A-Statement Ways to Travel to Your Wedding

I was recently looking into different / fun options for wedding transport and found across a whole wide world of fantastic ideas! It seems that today for many couples getting married, transport to and from their wedding is no longer about getting from A to B, but rather about making a serious statement! I've put together a list of my favorite 6.

This is apparently a popular choice in England - glamorous vintage buses that take you (and your guests, if they're really lucky) to and from your wedding destination. The only drawback for this option is perhaps navigating through winding country lanes - but they assure me on their website that the drivers are "fully qualified PCV trained drivers".

I found this picture, and though it has no accompanying story I just *loved* this idea! Not something I would do myself, but definitely made me laugh!

As it says on many websites advocating Rickshaws, this is a classy, different and "environmentally friendly" wedding transport option. I came across this picture on the Natural Weddings website, and if you can check out theses pictures - priceless!

This is another option that had me laughing out loud! The difference between this and the rickshaw is that it is motorized, and doesn't have a poor bloke in a tuxedo sweating it out in front of you! They say on their website that there is even a CD player for your special journey. Whether this is a built in or hand held device is not specified though.

This option is definitely for the richest of the rich - this is popularly advertised and readily available in
Las Vegas. The official Vegas website advertises them and you can either choose to get married overlooking the Grand Canyon, or above the Las Vegas Strip, whatever takes your fancy! And how much money you have.

Another completely unique transport idea - this picture completely captures the couple's love of Winter, and each other (awww!). I couldn't help but notice the bride's bare feet - I wonder whether they had toasty fluffy white wedding slippers waiting at the end for her?

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