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Hey DIY Bride: be your own DJ with the WeddingDJ app

We at Wedful are not only in the business of providing couples with tools for their own weddings, but also smack-in-the-middle of planning a wedding or two of our own. Our attention was piqued recently when we heard about the My WeddingDJ app. It's an iPhone / iPod app that lets you setup multiple playlists ahead of time: something for in the chapel, something for while dinner is being served... something to boogie too for once everyone has sampled enough of the wedding wine ;) Also, it is sensitive to all sorts of wedding etiquette (no jerky music stops, always fade-outs and fade-ins) that the inexperienced wedder would usually not even have considered.

I've been thinking a lot lately about how personal music is to most couples. Everyone has a song or two that carries some meaning (too soppy for this blog? Naaaaw!!). I think we can all agree that it is a cringeworthy thing to imagine bad or inappropriate music being belted out to a room of our closest friends and family, and some arbitrary associates of the parents on both sides.

This is the app's description on iTunes:

My WeddingDJ by Steam Clock SoftwareMy WeddingDJ is the best way to run the music for your wedding on your iPhone or iPod touch.

Running your music on an iPod can be great, but not if the wrong song comes on or the music cuts out. That's why WeddingDJ helps you plan out all the music you need at your wedding, using the songs and playlists you have in iTunes. When the big day comes, you hand it off to your MC, who simply needs to slide "next" for each part of your wedding.

The features of this app as listed on iTunes are:

  • Lets you use and build on existing playlist
  • Suggests parts of your wedding you need music for
  • Fades gracefully for all pauses and skips
  • Protects ypu from accidentally skipping or pausing music
  • Lets your friends add song suggestions
    I haven't figured out yet if this is a feature I like...!
  • In certain instances the app will pause between songs or playlists
  • Low battery warning, and call-receiving warning
  • Graceful recovery if your device is sync'd while it's playing
  • Lets you ignore songs from your list if you so choose
    It's ok, we know you had to throw some Bon Jovi onto that list to keep your partner happy... we don't judge.
  • Lets you mix it up and change your playlists while the wedding is playing
My WeddingDJ Preview

My WeddingDJ is the love child of Steam Clock Software who are a Vancouver startup just like ourselves.

Have you used this app at your wedding? Please tell us about it! It's rated 4+ and I'm considering it for our own wedding.