Got the Wedding Shoe Blues? Here's Something to Suit Every Bride

Some brides want to glam it up on their special day, while someone like me really wants something fun and comfortable to wear beyond the wedding. I'm talking about shoes here, and chosing the right ones can be as painstaking a process as finding the dress itself. (When in doubt choose red, I say). For those brides (like me) who prefer comfort on their wedding day, there are flipflops or runners for you.

Wedding Shoes
Photo credit: Ourlives on Flickr
Wedding Shoes
Photo credit: squiddles on Flickr

For those who prefer to go more glam but want to stay away from shoes in white, there are fantastic shoes in a variety of colours. I love the splash of colour peeking out from under the white dresses.

Get a load of these appropriately titled "Wowza" wedding shoes. They're really fun and glamorous.

Wowza wedding shoes

For something really unique there are even hand painted shoes.

Studio Jellyfish hand painted shoes
Photo credit: Studio Jellyfish

Not wanting to neglect the guys, here's a great shot from photographer Chelsea Nicole of a wedding party in Converse runners:

Chelsea Nicole's Blog
Photo credit: Chelsea Nicole

And now I want to go shoe shopping...

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