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OMG. Bridal Body Paint!

In my search for a photo to illustrate another blog post I came across these images of three couples getting body painted with their wedding outfits. A new trend towards saving money on wedding wear? Not so. This is reality tv at it's best/worst.

The three couple were taking part in GMTV's Battle of the Brides competition with the chance to win an all expenses paid dream wedding. They were asked to strip down for this challenge and wear nothing but body paint and a strategically placed accessory or two, all in the middle of central London. View the original article here

Their expressions in this group photo are priceless for the mix of discomfort and chagrin.

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Ok ok, so maybe we're a little bit late here on this - but oh my pants have you seen that someone in Seattle had a ZOMBIE WEDDING?!? Leave it to the Americans to pull something wild like this out of the bag.

It seems like they were quite thorough in covering everything from proposal to cake topper within their theme. I've got to hand it to this guy: he describes how he made this proposal zombie flick for his girl, ended up involving twenty people and even sold his car along the way to afford to do it all!

Of course, fast-forward a little and we know that she said yes! :) I'm smiling because I just love a happy ending (or is it a beginning? Anyway, here we have their (Brrrraiiinnss....!) cake with clambouring zombies trying to get at the chainsaw-wielding cake toppers at the top:

Photo credit: Zombie Cake 2 by noblerobinette on Flickr
Stabbing the Cake
Photo credit: Stabbing the Cake by noblerobinette on Flickr

What a fun, awesome couple! Congratulations you two (who are by now celebrating your 2nd wedding anniversary).

Sort of on-topic, after I'd heard about this I did a bit of a Google to see whether zombie weddings were a more common thing than I'd realized (I mean, I wouldn't describe most of my friends and family as prudes, but I've never been to any zombie weddings). One of my favourite wedding sites turned up in the search results: The Offbeat Bride!. Friends, be pulling out your credit cards and wedding albums right now and have yourself Zombifed!

....and finally if you have any steam left, here is an obscure little Blogspot blog with a large collection of all things zombie-wedding (including pictures of the cake in the picture above): Zombie Wedding on Blogspot.