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For your inspiration: Bella Figura's letterpress wedding invitations

Bella Figura is an eco-friendly letterpress print shop based in Central New York I recently came across. They produce wedding invitations using old-fashion cast-iron presses, print on 100% tree-free paper, and are also wind powered as part of their commitment to being an eco-friendly business.

They have a beautiful selection of stunning wedding invitation designs to choose from, along with cards for thank yous, RSVP postcards, and of course cards for all occasions.

These are some of the designs that caught my eye. Click through to see further details about each one.

Venage: Amethyst & Mustard
Designed by: Kamal
Simple Poppy: Atlantic & Geranium
Designed by: Lindsy Aragona
Cotillion: Black & Chartreuse
Designed by: Maura Gaulthier
Erte Beach: Pool & Sherbet
Designed by: April Wong

All of their designs are fully customizable, including text, colours, and choice of paper. You can order sample invitations at a minimal cost, and the final letterpress printing takes ten business days.

Please visit Bella Figura's web site to view more items in their extensive online catalogue.

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Ok ok, so maybe we're a little bit late here on this - but oh my pants have you seen that someone in Seattle had a ZOMBIE WEDDING?!? Leave it to the Americans to pull something wild like this out of the bag.

It seems like they were quite thorough in covering everything from proposal to cake topper within their theme. I've got to hand it to this guy: he describes how he made this proposal zombie flick for his girl, ended up involving twenty people and even sold his car along the way to afford to do it all!

Of course, fast-forward a little and we know that she said yes! :) I'm smiling because I just love a happy ending (or is it a beginning? Anyway, here we have their (Brrrraiiinnss....!) cake with clambouring zombies trying to get at the chainsaw-wielding cake toppers at the top:

Photo credit: Zombie Cake 2 by noblerobinette on Flickr
Stabbing the Cake
Photo credit: Stabbing the Cake by noblerobinette on Flickr

What a fun, awesome couple! Congratulations you two (who are by now celebrating your 2nd wedding anniversary).

Sort of on-topic, after I'd heard about this I did a bit of a Google to see whether zombie weddings were a more common thing than I'd realized (I mean, I wouldn't describe most of my friends and family as prudes, but I've never been to any zombie weddings). One of my favourite wedding sites turned up in the search results: The Offbeat Bride!. Friends, be pulling out your credit cards and wedding albums right now and have yourself Zombifed!

....and finally if you have any steam left, here is an obscure little Blogspot blog with a large collection of all things zombie-wedding (including pictures of the cake in the picture above): Zombie Wedding on Blogspot.

Gay marriage in China. It's not what you think

I often enjoy a spot of BBC-browsing to keep up with the British view on what's going on in the world. I nearly choked on my cup of tea when I happened on this article from last year: Sham marriages for Shanghai's gay community. According to the article, up to 80% of China's gay community end up in fake straight marriages (most often with other homosexuals) thanks to China's apparent fear of the great pink danger.

Surely not, I thought. I know that Oscar Wilde was married to a woman for society's sake but for the same thing to be happening still today surprised me. A quick Google search yields this article on Slate which seems to back up what the BBC article reports.

It is no secret that China doesn't quite get the whole gay thing. Homosexuality was officially considered a psychiatric disorder in China until 2001. Fascinating... I wonder if one could claim from medical insurance for this ailment. According to both the Slate and the BBC articles, homosexual individuals have taken to attending in-person and online networking events with others like them and finding a partner of the opposite gender to marry and avoid having to confront or worse, shame their parents!

Seems like the world has a long way to go. I look forward to all the feathers, flamboyance & flair of the future!

8 Useful Wedding Themed iPhone Apps for Brides

The iPhone is a handy tool to have in many situations but I bet you never thought it would be essential to planning a wedding. In a previous blog post Sam mentioned the WeddingDJ app for iPhone, but there are many more wedding-themed apps out there.

Lifestyle blog All Women Stalk has put together a list of eight wedding apps every bride should have on her iPhone. They range from helping narrow down gown selection, to wedding tips, to learning how to dance (yes really).

Check out the list and please leave a comment if you have others to recommend. I'd be curious to hear about non-wedding theme apps people find useful. (Maybe Angry Birds for stress relief...?) ;)


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Knitted Royal Nuptials

How cute are these! Fiona Goble has put together a knitted tribute to the upcoming nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton, with her manual Knit Your Own Royal Wedding. It includes patterns to reproduce your favorite Royals in wool and yarn, from Queen to corgi. I think it's hilarious she even included a knitted bishop in the series!

Knitted Royal Wedding Party
The wedding party.
Knitted footman
A footman
Cute corgi
Knitted Royal Wedding

You can view the whole series of knitted Royals on The Telegraph web site.

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Wedding Ideas: Photo Booth Props by Kiriwaffles

Kiri Schmitz is the creative mind behind Kiriwaffles, an interesting etsy shop based in Nutley, NJ. She specializes in creating custom packages of photo booth props made from paper and bamboo.

These would be a welcome addition to any wedding photo shoot, or for goofy photos of guests hamming it up at the reception. Visit the Kiriwaffles shop on Etsy for more photobooth prop fun.

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Wedding Planning Tools: Pinterest

I'd like to introduce you to Pinterest, a handy little online tool I've been using for the past six months and really like. The tagline for the site is, "a place to catalogue the things you love". The site is both a tool you can use for collecting in one place all those images from around the internet you want to keep track of, and a hub to find even more interesting things shared by others. I was introduced to Pinterest by a friend who is a future bride-to-be and she uses it to collect inspiration and ideas for her wedding.

Using it is easy as installing the "Pin It" button on your browser's tool bar. Wherever there is an image you want to catalogue all you do is click and pinterest saves it to the "pinboard" of your choice. I have five pinboards at the moment, collecting images on subjects such as home decor, books I want to read, or artwork made from paper. For the bride, pinterest is great for keeping track of bridal gowns, invitation designs, or even exotic locations for the honeymoon.

Pinterest is awesome

Pinterest is invite only at the moment, but it's easy enough to request an account on the homepage. Happy pinning!

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Brooch Bridal Bouquet: Wedding Ideas for a DIY bride

I've recently noticed a trend towards brides having bouquets made from brooches rather than flowers, and I really like it. These brooch bouquets can be very striking and are an interesting alternative to consider if you're allergic to flowers. They can also become a fabulous keepsake from your wedding day, especially if you've sourced the materials from family jewelry boxes.

Here are some lovely examples:

Photo credit: Katie Sokoler
Bridal Brooch Bouquet by Fantasy Floral Designs
Photo credit: Fantasy Floral Designs
Photo credit: hairbowswonderworld.
Check out her Etsy shop because she actually makes the bouquets.

There's an excellent post on Glamour This! with step-by-step instructions if you're interested in making your own bouquet. I think half the fun would be thrift shopping for the brooches.

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Got the Wedding Shoe Blues? Here's Something to Suit Every Bride

Some brides want to glam it up on their special day, while someone like me really wants something fun and comfortable to wear beyond the wedding. I'm talking about shoes here, and chosing the right ones can be as painstaking a process as finding the dress itself. (When in doubt choose red, I say). For those brides (like me) who prefer comfort on their wedding day, there are flipflops or runners for you.

Wedding Shoes
Photo credit: Ourlives on Flickr
Wedding Shoes
Photo credit: squiddles on Flickr

For those who prefer to go more glam but want to stay away from shoes in white, there are fantastic shoes in a variety of colours. I love the splash of colour peeking out from under the white dresses.

Get a load of these appropriately titled "Wowza" wedding shoes. They're really fun and glamorous.

Wowza wedding shoes

For something really unique there are even hand painted shoes.

Studio Jellyfish hand painted shoes
Photo credit: Studio Jellyfish

Not wanting to neglect the guys, here's a great shot from photographer Chelsea Nicole of a wedding party in Converse runners:

Chelsea Nicole's Blog
Photo credit: Chelsea Nicole

And now I want to go shoe shopping...

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Custom Wedding Cake Toppers for the DIY Bride

The cake topper is the tiniest of details in the larger picture of everything involved in planning a wedding, but it can be just the thing to give the event your own unique touch.

I was curious to see if there was something for everyone in the range of available cake toppers. Thanks to the cleverness of the DIY creative set, there REALLY is.

These were just some of my favorites, but I'm sure there are many more out there catering to every taste, or geek obsession.

A personalized wedding cake topper by annacrafts, with skin and hair color made to order.

Double riders bike wedding cake topper by heatherboyd, for the cyclist bride and groom.
Cute merino felted birds cake topper by emiliefriday, which can be ordered in custom colours.
Jack and Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas by sweetiecaketopper

Han Solo and Princess Leia peg dolls by CreativeButterflyXOX (This would be one of those geek obsessions I mentioned above).

It may take a bit of searching but as you can see, there really is a wedding cake topper for everyone.

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