Wedding invitations that we love

For many couples, the save-the-date and invitation are a really big deal and a lot of thought, planning and energy goes into getting them perfect. They are, after all, something that sets the tone of the event and the expectations of the guests.

Buzzfeed ran a feature on some amazing wedding invitations from actual real couples. These are absolutely incredible! I would love to meet some of these fun-seeming people.

Hannah and Lee Wedding Invitation
Hannah and Lee's letterpress wedding invitation. What a cute idea. I love when couples share their story with their guests.
Source: A Day in May
Jill and Matt Wedding Invite
Jill and Matt. One of the cutest invitations ever. I love the fonts that they've used.
Source: Design Betty
Record wedding invite from Josh and Adrea
This record invitation's a keeper!
Source: Marianny Zanis & Fahmi Jamal's Wedding Inspirations on Tumblr
8 bit wedding invitation made by Carla Berrocal
Source: Carla Berrocal
Rae and Adams wedding invitation
Top Groom! Way to go, Rae and Adam!
Source: Dream Weddings on a Budget
Michaela and Ryan had a zombie-theme wedding invitation
Michaela and Ryan had a zombie-theme wedding invitation!
Source: The Offbeat Bride
Paper doll cut out invitation for Kristin and Jared
An adorable paper-doll cut out wedding invitation for Kristin and Jared
Source: Annie Mo + Blue Rooster Design on Tumblr
Luke and Ella Space Invaders wedding invitation
I flip out for Space Invaders!! These invitations to Luke and Ella's wedding rock.
Source: The Offbeat Bride
Kevin and Misako Wii Invitation
Who doesn't love a good pun (and Wii!) every now and then?
Source: 4 color rebellion - the groom's blog
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