'Til Death Do Us Part, And Beyond! A Collection of Quirky Theme Wedding Pictures

An article that recently caught my eye involved a couple having their wedding in something of a different fashion - one of the funniest photo's I've seen in a while! And so began my inspiration to compile a photo list of quirky theme weddings, which turned out to be surprisingly easy. One link that you really should check out is the one for the Storm Trooper Wedding picture - I haven't laughed so hard in a long time! Did you know that May 2010 (on the 2TBF website, anyway) was Storm Trooper month? Anyway - wedding photos!

C'mooon... Now who wouldn't want these guys by your side when you said I Do? Fred and Hilda had a Storm Trooper wedding.
Photo credit: T 2 B F

PS2 players should recognize these Katamari Damacy hats
Photo credit: The most excellent Offbeat Bride

With Wonder Woman as the Bride, and Batman as the Groom, what more could you ask for? Well, I suppose if the guest's costumes ranges from Yoda to the Pink Power Ranger. That would be pretty cool. Read about Neil and Sharon Vaughn's wedding in Devon on The Telegraph.
Photo credit: The Telegraph

Tracey and Vivian Williams had a Shrek-themed wedding!
Photo credit: MSNBC

Halo Wedding
Photo credit: Buffet O' Blog
I'm sorry, but I just have to say it: at least it looks like they've got their something blue...! *groan*
Photo credit: Jezebel.com

Dorothy and Randy had a magical Peter Pan and Tinkerbell wedding
Photo credit: The Trend Hunter

Unhealthy obsession? Nawww.. pretty damned cute, and in Japan of course!
I love Darth Vader in this shot - very funny.Although I suppose it is rather impossible to look joyous in that costume. A perfect geeky Star Wars wedding.
Photo credit: Art for George Lucas
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LOL..I so love the themed wedding but I am not sure if many are into it. Most couples are into serious and solemn weddings. But i love it if ever it happens. The Shrek is so cute. lol

Haha these are great themes, nothing more fun than seeing a great themed wedding.