The Black Wedding Dresses. Would you do it?

It's my wedding soon. Well, sort of soon: next March. I've recently been doing the whole "figure-out-THE-dress" thing. What seemed like the best plan was to figure out what I want (online, naturally - not by traipsing between a billion different bridal stores), and then taking the picture into a tailor. Since I am currently in Thailand, land of abundant high-quality silk and tailors on every block, this worked out amazingly ( * ).

What was not so quick and easy though was settling on a dress. It felt like such a commitment... how on earth would I know what I felt like wearing next year? What if I lost or gained weight?? What if I saw something I liked more?! Aaarrrrrggghh!!.

So: I just picked one. Ok - a white lie. I just picked two. I did a bit of research to find the right seamstress and within a week I was (still am!) the proud owner of 2 beautiful silk dresses.

Anyway! I saw some ohmygod amazing dresses online. Part of me wanted to go for the most elaborate and outrageous dress I could find, and boy are there some elaborate and outrageous dresses out there when you go looking for them. One thing that kept lifting its head and flirting with me was The Black Dress.

*ghasp* SHOCK horror!!

I only wish I were brave enough. But what would the conservative aunts say?, and Will people think I'm a slut? Or worse, a GOTH?! ( ** ). Would I make my own Mom cry, and my Mom-in-Law disinherit her son? The stress of it all was too much. I completely chickened out and went for - well, it's a secret. But what I will say is that it isn't black.

Here's a sampling of some of the black wedding dresses that were batting their lashes at me. Click on the pictures for their sources.

Perhaps if I have another wedding (yes of course I mean to the same groom. What were you thinking?!) I'll be older and bolder and more ballsy and consider it again. Would you do it?

(*) In case anyone is looking for a tailor or seamstress in Bangkok to make their wedding dress, I'm would highly recommend the place that I went to. They were quick (the whole process took a bit over a week from start to finish, for both of my dresses), they were affordable (especially relative to the cost of an equivalent service in North America or South Africa), the quality of the fabric is to die for and on top of all that, if you needed another reason, they were so, so sweet, accommodating and nice. The place is Julie Thai Cotton and Silk and if you're interested in knowing costs drop me a line.

(**) Just kidding! No goth hate here <3 I mean that. Actually I'd love to do a post on some pretty goth-themed weddings. I'm betting there are amazing ones on The Offbeat Bride, who I have a big fat crush on.


hehehe, this was funny Sam :). Well, i just wouldn't be able to do it, i can't help thinking of funerals when i see these dresses.

Hey Takara! Thank you for dropping by :) Hehehe, yes, that is I imagine what most people would think. It's much more difficult to imagine with the ones that are being modeled, as opposed to the one picture ( where it's a real girl at her actual wedding. Definitely not something that everyone could pull off (nevermind whether they'd want to). I think that she does it well though.

I prefer my future wife to use white instead of black :D Sorry :D