Anti Wedding Cakes

I came across a picture of a wedding cake today that I just HAD to mention - I had to look twice before I could even tell that this particular cake was in fact a cake! This got me to browsing to find some of the most creative "Anti Wedding Cakes" (as I found some like to call them) ever. All are incredible and deserve a special tip of the hat. Click on the images to visit their sources.

Can you believe that absolutely everything on this cake (except the couple on top) is edible?
Source: Lilo Magazines
I'm not ashamed to admit just how excited this cake got me! Amazing.
Source: Lilo Magazines
Definitely something different! There's a sweet story behind the Scrabble cake. Click the photo to read about it.
Source: Pink Cake Box
For the wine lovers and connoisseurs
Source: Project wedding
Clean, simple and beautiful. Can anyone say Apple?
Source: Lilo Magazines
As someone who makes cakes, I have to tell you, this one looks hard to do - but definitely worth the effort. Amazing work by Sylvia Weinstock in New York.
This is the cake made for newlyweds Charlene Wittstock and Prince Albert. This cake has officially set the new world record for Biggest Wedding Cake! I don't even want to think about how long this took to make - and what kind of oven they needed! Apparently it weighed over 50 kilograms. I am impressed.
One of the reasons I chose this picture was the look on this chef's face - I would have a similar expression if a bunch of people were about to come and gobble up my work of art.
Source: Wedding Cakes blog
I couldn't believe that this Steampunk Cake was really a cake - it looks just too real!
Source: Offbeat Bride
I am one step away from trying this one myself, and maybe a Tetris Cake...
Source: Lilo Magazines
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I'll be baking for you, and you'll love it.


yummy! Almost Everyone loves cake.................. People usually attends lots of wedding and the think they remembered is the , that they had. I bet it was fun to have food at asian wedding venues

What a brilliant post, these cakes are amazing.