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The Black Wedding Dresses. Would you do it?

It's my wedding soon. Well, sort of soon: next March. I've recently been doing the whole "figure-out-THE-dress" thing. What seemed like the best plan was to figure out what I want (online, naturally - not by traipsing between a billion different bridal stores), and then taking the picture into a tailor. Since I am currently in Thailand, land of abundant high-quality silk and tailors on every block, this worked out amazingly ( * ).

What was not so quick and easy though was settling on a dress. It felt like such a commitment... how on earth would I know what I felt like wearing next year? What if I lost or gained weight?? What if I saw something I liked more?! Aaarrrrrggghh!!.

So: I just picked one. Ok - a white lie. I just picked two. I did a bit of research to find the right seamstress and within a week I was (still am!) the proud owner of 2 beautiful silk dresses.

Anyway! I saw some ohmygod amazing dresses online. Part of me wanted to go for the most elaborate and outrageous dress I could find, and boy are there some elaborate and outrageous dresses out there when you go looking for them. One thing that kept lifting its head and flirting with me was The Black Dress.

*ghasp* SHOCK horror!!

I only wish I were brave enough. But what would the conservative aunts say?, and Will people think I'm a slut? Or worse, a GOTH?! ( ** ). Would I make my own Mom cry, and my Mom-in-Law disinherit her son? The stress of it all was too much. I completely chickened out and went for - well, it's a secret. But what I will say is that it isn't black.

Here's a sampling of some of the black wedding dresses that were batting their lashes at me. Click on the pictures for their sources.

Perhaps if I have another wedding (yes of course I mean to the same groom. What were you thinking?!) I'll be older and bolder and more ballsy and consider it again. Would you do it?

(*) In case anyone is looking for a tailor or seamstress in Bangkok to make their wedding dress, I'm would highly recommend the place that I went to. They were quick (the whole process took a bit over a week from start to finish, for both of my dresses), they were affordable (especially relative to the cost of an equivalent service in North America or South Africa), the quality of the fabric is to die for and on top of all that, if you needed another reason, they were so, so sweet, accommodating and nice. The place is Julie Thai Cotton and Silk and if you're interested in knowing costs drop me a line.

(**) Just kidding! No goth hate here <3 I mean that. Actually I'd love to do a post on some pretty goth-themed weddings. I'm betting there are amazing ones on The Offbeat Bride, who I have a big fat crush on.

Wedding invitations that we love

For many couples, the save-the-date and invitation are a really big deal and a lot of thought, planning and energy goes into getting them perfect. They are, after all, something that sets the tone of the event and the expectations of the guests.

Buzzfeed ran a feature on some amazing wedding invitations from actual real couples. These are absolutely incredible! I would love to meet some of these fun-seeming people.

Hannah and Lee Wedding Invitation
Hannah and Lee's letterpress wedding invitation. What a cute idea. I love when couples share their story with their guests.
Source: A Day in May
Jill and Matt Wedding Invite
Jill and Matt. One of the cutest invitations ever. I love the fonts that they've used.
Source: Design Betty
Record wedding invite from Josh and Adrea
This record invitation's a keeper!
Source: Marianny Zanis & Fahmi Jamal's Wedding Inspirations on Tumblr
8 bit wedding invitation made by Carla Berrocal
Source: Carla Berrocal
Rae and Adams wedding invitation
Top Groom! Way to go, Rae and Adam!
Source: Dream Weddings on a Budget
Michaela and Ryan had a zombie-theme wedding invitation
Michaela and Ryan had a zombie-theme wedding invitation!
Source: The Offbeat Bride
Paper doll cut out invitation for Kristin and Jared
An adorable paper-doll cut out wedding invitation for Kristin and Jared
Source: Annie Mo + Blue Rooster Design on Tumblr
Luke and Ella Space Invaders wedding invitation
I flip out for Space Invaders!! These invitations to Luke and Ella's wedding rock.
Source: The Offbeat Bride
Kevin and Misako Wii Invitation
Who doesn't love a good pun (and Wii!) every now and then?
Source: 4 color rebellion - the groom's blog
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'Til Death Do Us Part, And Beyond! A Collection of Quirky Theme Wedding Pictures

An article that recently caught my eye involved a couple having their wedding in something of a different fashion - one of the funniest photo's I've seen in a while! And so began my inspiration to compile a photo list of quirky theme weddings, which turned out to be surprisingly easy. One link that you really should check out is the one for the Storm Trooper Wedding picture - I haven't laughed so hard in a long time! Did you know that May 2010 (on the 2TBF website, anyway) was Storm Trooper month? Anyway - wedding photos!

C'mooon... Now who wouldn't want these guys by your side when you said I Do? Fred and Hilda had a Storm Trooper wedding.
Photo credit: T 2 B F

PS2 players should recognize these Katamari Damacy hats
Photo credit: The most excellent Offbeat Bride

With Wonder Woman as the Bride, and Batman as the Groom, what more could you ask for? Well, I suppose if the guest's costumes ranges from Yoda to the Pink Power Ranger. That would be pretty cool. Read about Neil and Sharon Vaughn's wedding in Devon on The Telegraph.
Photo credit: The Telegraph

Tracey and Vivian Williams had a Shrek-themed wedding!
Photo credit: MSNBC

Halo Wedding
Photo credit: Buffet O' Blog
I'm sorry, but I just have to say it: at least it looks like they've got their something blue...! *groan*
Photo credit:

Dorothy and Randy had a magical Peter Pan and Tinkerbell wedding
Photo credit: The Trend Hunter

Unhealthy obsession? Nawww.. pretty damned cute, and in Japan of course!
I love Darth Vader in this shot - very funny.Although I suppose it is rather impossible to look joyous in that costume. A perfect geeky Star Wars wedding.
Photo credit: Art for George Lucas
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Anti Wedding Cakes

I came across a picture of a wedding cake today that I just HAD to mention - I had to look twice before I could even tell that this particular cake was in fact a cake! This got me to browsing to find some of the most creative "Anti Wedding Cakes" (as I found some like to call them) ever. All are incredible and deserve a special tip of the hat. Click on the images to visit their sources.

Can you believe that absolutely everything on this cake (except the couple on top) is edible?
Source: Lilo Magazines
I'm not ashamed to admit just how excited this cake got me! Amazing.
Source: Lilo Magazines
Definitely something different! There's a sweet story behind the Scrabble cake. Click the photo to read about it.
Source: Pink Cake Box
For the wine lovers and connoisseurs
Source: Project wedding
Clean, simple and beautiful. Can anyone say Apple?
Source: Lilo Magazines
As someone who makes cakes, I have to tell you, this one looks hard to do - but definitely worth the effort. Amazing work by Sylvia Weinstock in New York.
This is the cake made for newlyweds Charlene Wittstock and Prince Albert. This cake has officially set the new world record for Biggest Wedding Cake! I don't even want to think about how long this took to make - and what kind of oven they needed! Apparently it weighed over 50 kilograms. I am impressed.
One of the reasons I chose this picture was the look on this chef's face - I would have a similar expression if a bunch of people were about to come and gobble up my work of art.
Source: Wedding Cakes blog
I couldn't believe that this Steampunk Cake was really a cake - it looks just too real!
Source: Offbeat Bride
I am one step away from trying this one myself, and maybe a Tetris Cake...
Source: Lilo Magazines
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6 Blogs to Inspire Your DIY Wedding

At Wedful we're all about sharing interesting items to inspire your perfect wedding day. Today I bring you six blogs which are a great source for ideas. From pure photo eye-candy, to planning suggestions, to DIY projects, these wedding blogs have something for everyone.

Week 17 - Fresh flowers

Green Wedding Shoes
Southern California wedding inspiration for the modern bride
Snippet & Ink
Daily Wedding Inspiration
Inspired By This
Wedding Insight by Leila Khalil
Style Me Pretty
Bridal Inspirations
The Bride's Guide
From the experts at Martha Stewart Weddings
Offbeat Bride
Altar your thinking

I could go on and on. These are just a few of the blogs that caught my attention, but there are so many more good ones. Please leave a comment if you have a favourite wedding blog I haven't mentioned here.

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6 Make-A-Statement Ways to Travel to Your Wedding

I was recently looking into different / fun options for wedding transport and found across a whole wide world of fantastic ideas! It seems that today for many couples getting married, transport to and from their wedding is no longer about getting from A to B, but rather about making a serious statement! I've put together a list of my favorite 6.

This is apparently a popular choice in England - glamorous vintage buses that take you (and your guests, if they're really lucky) to and from your wedding destination. The only drawback for this option is perhaps navigating through winding country lanes - but they assure me on their website that the drivers are "fully qualified PCV trained drivers".

I found this picture, and though it has no accompanying story I just *loved* this idea! Not something I would do myself, but definitely made me laugh!

As it says on many websites advocating Rickshaws, this is a classy, different and "environmentally friendly" wedding transport option. I came across this picture on the Natural Weddings website, and if you can check out theses pictures - priceless!

This is another option that had me laughing out loud! The difference between this and the rickshaw is that it is motorized, and doesn't have a poor bloke in a tuxedo sweating it out in front of you! They say on their website that there is even a CD player for your special journey. Whether this is a built in or hand held device is not specified though.

This option is definitely for the richest of the rich - this is popularly advertised and readily available in
Las Vegas. The official Vegas website advertises them and you can either choose to get married overlooking the Grand Canyon, or above the Las Vegas Strip, whatever takes your fancy! And how much money you have.

Another completely unique transport idea - this picture completely captures the couple's love of Winter, and each other (awww!). I couldn't help but notice the bride's bare feet - I wonder whether they had toasty fluffy white wedding slippers waiting at the end for her?

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6 Custom Wedding Cakes and a Fish by Coco Cakes

Today I bring you inspiration for custom wedding cakes and feature the artistry of a local Vancouver company.

Coco Cakes is a boutique cupcake and cake company run by artist and baker Lyndsay Sung. Her wonderful creations are custom made to order using only the best of ingredients. Each cupcake or cake is whimsically decorated in a vintage style and are so deliciously tempting I'm sure you'll be licking your screen.

adorable cutting cake by *coco cake cupcakes* -- vancouver, bc
cute bright colored wedding cupcake tower by *coco cake cupcakes* -- vancouver, bc
birdie and fishy in love wedding cake by *coco cake cupcakes* -- vancouver, bc

by *coco cake cupcakes* -- vancouver, bc

peacock themed wedding cupcakes by *coco cake cupcakes* -- vancouver, bc
apples! by *coco cake cupcakes* -- vancouver, bc
Fogerty The Fish cake by *coco cake cupcakes* -- vancouver, bc

This last one isn't actually a wedding cake, but I had to share because of the amazing details Lyndsay has created from fondant icing. She also has a set of My Neighbor Totoro cakes that I adore.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go satisfy a sudden craving for cupcakes...

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The Running of the Brides - Filene's Basement

Almost every American bargain-shopping bride worth her salt will have heard of Filene's Bargain Basement. Filene's is a discount store that was started in Boston the early 1900s by Edward Filene as a way to get rid of excess stock from his dad's upmarket department store. If you've ever wondered where the term "Bargain Basement" originated from, well this is the place that started it all.

Filene's basement has become infamous for it's yearly sale on bridal dresses, otherwise known as the Running of The Brides. Doors open promptly at 8am and terrifying mobs of discount-shopping and determined brides-to-be stampede inside to find their dream dress at a bargain price. Apparently people camp out over night to be the first through the doors on the morning of the sale, and it's an absolute chaos of women grabbing dresses and trying them on. It actually sounds like a fun experience to do with a group of friends as your wedding dress securing team, but all be sure to steel your nerves before attempting this extreme sport! I'd love to go one day as a spectator at the very least... I don't think that I'm cut out for the slashing, screaming, bloody terror that I know would await me on the other side of those harmless-looking store doors.

If you don't believe us, take Evan from's first-hand account. Evan, you are a a brave soul and I hope that before taking on the DJ job for the Running of the Brides event, you negotiated danger pay into your contract!!

Photo credit: Evan from - you should definitely check out the rest of his pictures.

What I'm wondering is, what percentage of those dresses actually make it out of the door in a still-usable state? By usable I mean no rips or blood stains, and with no clumps of pulled-out bride-to-be hair!

This is a great video about the history of the store and includes footage from past Running of the Brides:

The Filene's website has a list of helpful hints and tips to prepare for the day and make the most of your "Running of The Brides" experience. Wear those comfy shoes ladies (preferably the type with grippy soles), pack light, and have your fastest friends by your side! ;)

OMG. Bridal Body Paint!

In my search for a photo to illustrate another blog post I came across these images of three couples getting body painted with their wedding outfits. A new trend towards saving money on wedding wear? Not so. This is reality tv at it's best/worst.

The three couple were taking part in GMTV's Battle of the Brides competition with the chance to win an all expenses paid dream wedding. They were asked to strip down for this challenge and wear nothing but body paint and a strategically placed accessory or two, all in the middle of central London. View the original article here

Their expressions in this group photo are priceless for the mix of discomfort and chagrin.

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DIY Books For Your Handmade Wedding

If you're looking for ideas to give your wedding a handmade touch there are quite a few books on the market full of crafty projects. Here are three that look interesting.

Handmade Weddings

Authors: Eunice Moyle, Sabrina Moyle, and Shana Faust.
Photography by Joseph De Leo

Written by the founders of Hello!Lucky, the book offers fifty craft projects to customize your big day. Looking through the index page there is a nice range of themes including retro homespun, girly romantic, using found materials, and much more.

The DIY Bride

Author: Khris Cochran

Written by the founder of, this book features forty crafts and offers budget-saving ideas as well as fun projects to do with family or friends.

One-of-a-Kind Handmade Weddings

Author: Laura Maffeo

Written by a former stylist for Martha Stewart Weddings, this book is filled with inspiration and provides step-by-step instructions for creating wedding crafts with a personal touch.

For more books to guide you click through to view other titles Amazon has under the heading of DIY Wedding.

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